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Recover partitions using TestDisk

It all started with one of my friends coming over to my place to install Mac O/s on a new rig he had just put together from scratch. Since he had a long power cut at his place, i thought it would be interesting to see how ‘Hackintosh’,as its lovingly called, is installed on a […]

Ubuntu 9.04 boots lightning fast thanks to EXT4

The 3rd alpha version of Ubuntu 9.04 nicknamed Jaunty Jackalope was released a couple of days back. It will be given out entirely for testing purposes and it is advised that the release not be used in production machines. A test drive of the Release taken by a popular download hosting website clocked the boot […]

10 things i learnt after using Ubuntu avidly

10. Windows is not the only sane alternative for an operating system. When I started using computers way back in 90’s I used to work with Windows 3.1 as the first GUI Operating system. When I had a computer of my own I had Windows 98 installed on it. So you cant really blame me […]