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Battle of Open Source with Closed Business, Mozilla Vs Google

We all know Mozilla is a lot dependent on Google for its revenue, mainly through its inbuilt search engine feature. Google recently extended their deal with Mozilla for search advertising till 2011. But with the release of Google Chrome last year, there has been complications in this relationship.

WHYLT – Backup/Export passwords from Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird

In my previous article i had explained as to how you can backup all your important data from all Mozilla softwares. But the clinger of a problem is that MozBackup is a software which works only for the Windows Platform. Thus here is another add-on/extension which can backup your passwords in a jiffy no matter […]

WHYLT – Backup your important data in Mozilla Firefox

We have all been in a situation where firefox starts acting cranky and does not always do what you want it to. The reason might be excess installation and uninstallation of add-ons/extensions which are coded by individuals as common as you and me, and have certain bugs in them which are normally not known to […]