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WordPress – Remove fugly Infolinks from theme templates

Another part of housekeeping in my blog and i come across the fugly infolinks ad placement plugin being activated on my new theme. I do understand its a way the template/theme makers monetize their work, but do give us an option and a cheaper method of paying you back. Learn how to remove it after […]

WordPress – 406 Not Acceptable Error

I recently shifted my host and server space, along with all the wordpress and other installations. Me being out of touch with my blog for the past few years, forgot how to move and restore my backup. Once my wordpress blog was up and running, i tried to edit preferences according to my liking. However […]

WordPress 2.8.3 has a major exploit, upgrade now!

WordPress 2.8.3 has thrown up a major Admin Reset Exploit. We have all seen the numerous exploits and bugs that come up in WordPress. The latest to show up is a major exploit which allows any person to lock out an Admin from accessing their own WordPress Admin area by resetting their password. Though there […]