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Windows 7 Launch party and keynote address

Watch the Windows 7 launch party and keynote address as it happens, or just about any time you want to.

EU Microsoft customers have to ‘clean install’ Windows 7

Buyers of the latest Windows Operating system from software giant Microsoft will not be able to upgrade to Windows 7 from Windows Vista. Instead these customers will have to format their current running Windows Vista operating system and have a fresh installation of Windows 7, which will be released on October 22nd, 2009.

Windows 7 will shut down every 2 hours near RC expire

Just when we thought we have seen Microsoft do it all, we are thrown a new bouncer regarding Windows 7 RC. We all know the RC will expire on June 1,2010 and it has been notified to the few who have dared to install the RC, like me. But Microsoft has just come out and […]

Windows XP making way for Windows 7 finally

Microsoft Corporation has been trying to close the Windows XP book for quite some time now. They first tried it when Windows Vista came out, but fortunately Vista bombed, and it did so bad that even their own employees stayed away from it. Linux distros took advantage of this opportunity, when XP was retired and […]

Opera wants Microsoft to go one step further in Windows 7

We have all heard and read about the endless litigations that are going on between Microsoft and the European Union. This investigation was in fact, founded by a complaint filed by Opera in the European Union citing unfair practices with regard to the compulsory bundling of Internet Explorer in the Windows O/s’. Recently, Microsoft had […]

Uncover new Windows 7 themes

To all the users who have used the new Windows 7 Beta and loved it, here’s a new trick to uncover hidden themes from Windows 7. We will generally see only four themes that we can use in the Personalization window. Windows 7 has five more local themes which are hidden, but can be uncovered […]