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Affiliate Benchmark 2009 Report

I was a part of the survey taken by Affiliate Benchmarks for the year 2009 and i got access to this awesome report which can help affiliates old and new. Download links are available at the end of the post.

WordPress 2.8.3 has a major exploit, upgrade now!

WordPress 2.8.3 has thrown up a major Admin Reset Exploit. We have all seen the numerous exploits and bugs that come up in WordPress. The latest to show up is a major exploit which allows any person to lock out an Admin from accessing their own WordPress Admin area by resetting their password. Though there […]

PsPrint – the ultimate online print company

A few days back i was searching online, for a website which provides the ultimate print solution. The resultant website turned out to be PsPrint. PsPrint provides almost every print option available, not limited to Booklets, Brochures, Business Cards, Calenders, Stickers, Flyers, Greeting Cards, Newsletters, Postcards and Vinyl Banners.

WordPress 2.8 ‘Baker’ released

All you WordPress Bloggers out there, its time to rejoice. WordPress has just released the next most awaited version 2.8 “Baker” which has numerous improvements for the themes, taxonomies, widgets and speed. The features which caught my attention were firstly the Theme Browser alike the Plugin Browser which was introduced in the 2.7 release. The […]

Opera 10 ‘Peregrine’ beta released

Opera Software has announced their latest beta release of Opera 10. The features of this version will be many like optimized keyboard shortcuts, voice navigation and speed dial. The latest features will be a Turbo Mode which optimizes your connection so that you get a super fast browsing experience, a newer interface, speed dial customization […]

Successful Blog Migration

We apologize for any inconvenience caused, but the migration between hosts threw up some problems which took longer than expected to fix. We have now successfully migrated our blog hosting from MyDosty to GoDaddy. We will fix minor problems for a couple of days and be back with new and interesting articles after that.

Free WordPress installation for readers of

Due to the numerous requests i honored for installing and setting up wordpress blogs similar to mine, i will go ahead and make a complete post on how i will help you to create a wordpress blog for yourself with no installation charges whatsoever. What do i get from this? A small commission from Hostgator […]

Official end for Microsoft Encarta

I can’t tell you how sad i am to see Encarta being discontinued. Its the end of something so wonderful, just the thought of it makes me fly back in my memories of those days when i first got a copy of Encarta, and i used to go through it just because there was nothing […]

The 10 Worst Microsoft Product Names of All Time

Here’s a hilarious and very true article about how wrong Microsoft goes when it decides to name a product. The best ones i liked are about .NET, Word 6.0 and Windows ME. Link to article

Can you pass the phishing test?

I just came across this website which allows you to take a test, and see how you stand against potential phishing attacks through emails. I myself passed with flying colors and got a perfect 10 score. How capable are you against phishing attacks? Check yourself and let me know Phishing Test