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What’s Google Wave all about?

The new Google technology to hit the internet has been the Google Wave. Just like most of the people, i didnt quite understand what Google Wave was all about. This video gives a explanation in layman’s terms and is very nicely put.

Sony coming up with motion controllers

Sony, the makers of the hit gaming console Playstation 3, are currently developing a new technology which will enable the manufacturing of Motion Controllers. Wii and Xbox’s Project Natal finally have some competition.

WordPress 2.8 ‘Baker’ released

All you WordPress Bloggers out there, its time to rejoice. WordPress has just released the next most awaited version 2.8 “Baker” which has numerous improvements for the themes, taxonomies, widgets and speed. The features which caught my attention were firstly the Theme Browser alike the Plugin Browser which was introduced in the 2.7 release. The […]

Xbox 360 “Project Natal” Motion Sensor Technology

Micorosft Corporation has released a glimpse of its upcoming Motion Sensor Techonology for its popular console, Xbox 360 codename “Project Natal”. The Xbox 360 is now projected as the centerpiece for any living room where multimedia, games, communcatiion and socializing is all possible with a single device. Microsoft also said that they plan to integrate […]

Opera 10 ‘Peregrine’ beta released

Opera Software has announced their latest beta release of Opera 10. The features of this version will be many like optimized keyboard shortcuts, voice navigation and speed dial. The latest features will be a Turbo Mode which optimizes your connection so that you get a super fast browsing experience, a newer interface, speed dial customization […]

Duke Nukem Forever gameplay video and screenshots leaked

Some time back, the developers and artists of 3D Realms, the makers of the hit series Duke Nukem, had revealed some half done screenshots and artwork for their upcoming release Duke Nukem Forever. Now they have leaked a gameplay video and some high resolution screenshots as well. It looks quite awesome for a big time […]

Increase your Wi-Fi signal strength

I came across this very simple way of increasing your Wi-Fi signal strength, compared to the complicated techniques that some people swear by, using Bowls, cellphones and what not. This method requires just an aluminium foil and you will be all done within a minute’s work. Cool, aint it?

An interactive breakdance competition in stop-motion video

I normally wouldn’t feature YouTube videos on my blog, but this is truly stupendous and a must watch for everyone. Make sure you have atleast 384 kbps of internet speed to watch this video without any jerks and stoppages.

How to add You Tube Videos to your post in WordPress

Every blogger using wordpress will have problems when they first try to embed YouTube videos into their blog post, i did too. After a little googling i found two ways of overcoming this problem. The first one involves changing your profile settings in wordpress and the second one is easier but a little buggy using […]