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Great deals on Nexus 7 tablets

A friend asked me for good deals on tablets as a gift, and i stumbled upon the amazing deal that Amazon India is giving right now for the Older generation model. With the added benefit of Flat 10 percent off for HDFC credit cards, the deal is made sweeter!

Nokia announces X6, the 5800 on steroids!

Nokia has just announced the Nokia X6, which is one of the most advanced phones with musical capability, 5- Megapixel camera with duo LED flash, Carl Zeiss optical lens, 32 GB built-in memory, 3.2 inch touch screen, 3.5 mm audio jack and a 1320 mAh battery which will deliver 35 hours of audio playback on […]

Sony unveils PS3 Slim and a price cut!

As expected from the rumours, Sony has announced the new Playstation 3 slim version. This new version however, will not have PS2 compatibility or linux installation support. Geeks and Gamers alike, will have to wait till next month to get their hands on this slim console. Also announced was a price cut for this wonder […]

Compact Discs fail the test of time

Back in 2001, CD’s had made their way into the retail market and were getting affordable and you could buy them at most places, even departmental stores. The HDD’s that we had back then were of comparatively smaller capacities, like 20 or 40 GB. So keeping all our files there was out of the question […]

New DVD that can withstand time, for a thousand years and more!

Imagine all those DVD’s and CD’s that you have burnt and stored, thinking it will survive the war against the environment, be it dirt, dust or moisture. But just a few years into its shelf life, layers from the CDs start peeling off, the very layer on which the data is stored. DVD’s fixed that […]

Nokia 5630 – The powerhouse

Lets face it! You get bored with your cell phone after some time. There’s a limit to how much you can experiment and play around with the phone and get all its features out. Then you modify it and get extra features, something that the manufacturer will not give you. Didnt you do this? Well, […]

Windows 3.1 running on a Nokia N95 smartphone

In a surprising development, a Polish developer Marcin-PRV has installed Windows 3.1 on a Nokia N95 mobile phone. This experiment was conducted using the famous DOSBox software that  is used in order to run native DOS applications on a Windows machine. Marcin installed the ‘primitive’ operating system on Nokia’s symbian smartphone, thus allowing both Windows […]