Affiliate Benchmark 2009 Report

I was a part of the survey taken by Affiliate Benchmarks for the year 2009 and i got access to this awesome report which can help affiliates old and new. Download links are available at the end of the post.

We at AffiliateBenchmarks would like to thank you for your assistance with our 2009 affiliate industry research report. After months of analyzing the responses we collected in July, we have successfully compiled a report rich with graphs, figures and their corresponding interpretations.

From our company’s extensive experience in the industry, we were able to provide our professional interpretations from the broad aggregate data. Additionally, responses to important questions were cross referenced in order to better understand how factors such as experience in the industry or the affiliate organization’s income may correspond with participation in promotional tactics like search engine marketing (SEM) or search engine optimization (SEO) programs, amongst others. We looked at these factors and compared them to these distributed by income and experience to clearly suggest the most successful and efficient practices.

Because your input helped produce the industry’s most broadly received survey, we have included a link at the end of this letter to the report free of charge. In this completed analysis you can determine the best means of increasing your revenue, finding new programs to join, and maximizing the effectiveness of your affiliate page.

AffiliateBenchmarks recognizes the importance of industry research and education. Our goal is to produce annual reports that help develop and reinforce best practices and strengthen the relationships between affiliates, advertisers, program managers, agencies, etc. In order to produce viable studies in the future, we ask that you keep the report private. Doing so will ensure any competitive edge you seek will remain exclusive and the responses we collect in future surveys will accurately represent the industry as a whole. We also hope that we can continue our working relationship and count on your input for our 2010 report.

Once again, we would like to thank you for your input and for your patience while we compiled the report. We hope you find this helpful in growing your affiliate business. To access your complimentary copy of the report, click the links below and password ‘AB2009’



You can download the report here:
Mirror 1
Mirror 2
Password: AB2009

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