Xbox 360 “Project Natal” Motion Sensor Technology

Micorosft Corporation has released a glimpse of its upcoming Motion Sensor Techonology for its popular console, Xbox 360 codename “Project Natal”. The Xbox 360 is now projected as the centerpiece for any living room where multimedia, games, communcatiion and socializing is all possible with a single device. Microsoft also said that they plan to integrate music streaming, Facebook and Twitter into Xbox Live in the near future. The latest technology, if sucessfully introduced into the gaming market, will be a slap on the face for the Nintendo Wii which became insanely popular because of its revolutionary control technology.


In “Project Natal”, a camera will track the player’s movements using a full skeletal mapping which will also recognise vocal command and voices as well. Going by the video embedded later in the post it looks like the next best in consoles will definately be the Xbox 360. However as Microsoft has conveyed there will be no successors to Xbox 360 in the year 2009. The only competitor might be the Sony PS3, who are rumoured to be developing its successor as well. A friend who is an insider in a Chip making company, has informed me that his company is currently deveolping the chips for the next Playstation, but he expects the release to be sometime in 2010. So 2009 will be the year of rumours and news releases. We just have to wait and watch what the console industry brings us next. I will now leave you with a video of the Xbox 360 “Project Natal”.

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