Windows 7 will shut down every 2 hours near RC expire

Just when we thought we have seen Microsoft do it all, we are thrown a new bouncer regarding Windows 7 RC. We all know the RC will expire on June 1,2010 and it has been notified to the few who have dared to install the RC, like me. But Microsoft has just come out and said that from March 1, 2010 onwards the PC which has Windows 7 RC installed will start shutting down every 2 hours just to let you know that its time to get the licensed copy!

windows_7_logoThis is what we have been seeing with Demos of Video games on the PC, which have certain limits like time or number of plays. But we never expected an O/s to behave in this manner. I agree, your license is going to expire on the first of June in 2010, but do you have shutdown their systems forcefully to enforce that? Wouldn’t a gentle or nagging reminder be better? That too three months before the expiry of the RC license is something that only Microsoft can plot. I mean, whats the point in inviting testers to install the RC in the first place, giving them time till June 1, 2010 and then screw them in the rear in typical Microsoft fashion. But you cant really blame them for it, because its fools like us who devote our time to test out their betas and release candidates every time they come up with a sorry excuse for an Operating System. Though i have to hand it them, since even the beta of Windows 7 was much much better compared to Vista with the first service pack. Little did i know that the Windows 7 would be so polished and smooth, since i had a tough time with the beta of Vista and its release successors.

The only thing what we have to wait now and see, is whether the pricing and upgrades are rightly marketed. We dont even know whether an upgrade will be given for Windows XP users, to directly migrate to Windows 7 skipping the ill faced Vista. The pricing however has to be moderately priced in these times of recession or we will definately see another wave of linux migrations, one such wave in which i was taken away to Ubuntu land.

All these business tactics aside, i just hope the final release lives up to the great expectations we have for Windows 7, hoping that a “Vista” will not be repeated. Speaking about problems with the RC shut downs, there is no need to follow illegal methods of stopping the inbuilt protection mechanisms to skip the automatic shutdowns, just open a window of Microsoft Word and keep it running so that nothing can shutdown the PC after that, unless you want to. Thats the power of Microsoft’s softwares, used in a wrong manner of course.

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2 Responses to “Windows 7 will shut down every 2 hours near RC expire”

  1. Sonya says:

    Greatings, – da best. Keep it going!

  2. otto says:

    Thats what i call user friendly, in older versions you have to do it by hand

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