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Duke Nukem Forever gameplay video and screenshots leaked

Some time back, the developers and artists of 3D Realms, the makers of the hit series Duke Nukem, had revealed some half done screenshots and artwork for their upcoming release Duke Nukem Forever. Now they have leaked a gameplay video and some high resolution screenshots as well. It looks quite awesome for a big time […]

Microsoft 2010 Technical Preview in July, but already leaked

Microsoft has now opened up the waiting list for a chance to test out the new Office 2010 Technical preview. Microsoft is supposed to ship the Office 2010 Technical Preview in July of this year. But it has somehow already been leaked, like all Microsoft softwares do, and are openly available in the P2P world. […]

Nokia 5630 – The powerhouse

Lets face it! You get bored with your cell phone after some time. There’s a limit to how much you can experiment and play around with the phone and get all its features out. Then you modify it and get extra features, something that the manufacturer will not give you. Didnt you do this? Well, […]

Windows 7 will shut down every 2 hours near RC expire

Just when we thought we have seen Microsoft do it all, we are thrown a new bouncer regarding Windows 7 RC. We all know the RC will expire on June 1,2010 and it has been notified to the few who have dared to install the RC, like me. But Microsoft has just come out and […]

Perform common Windows tasks with simple shorcuts

Do you remember the times when you wish you could have shortcuts to tasks that you regularly do? It can something like Opening the tray of you ROM drives, start the screensaver, turn off your computer or put it on standby, reconnect your internet connection, clear the clipboard, take automatic screenshots, change display resolutions and […]