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Successful Blog Migration

We apologize for any inconvenience caused, but the migration between hosts threw up some problems which took longer than expected to fix. We have now successfully migrated our blog hosting from MyDosty to GoDaddy. We will fix minor problems for a couple of days and be back with new and interesting articles after that.

Free WordPress installation for readers of

Due to the numerous requests i honored for installing and setting up wordpress blogs similar to mine, i will go ahead and make a complete post on how i will help you to create a wordpress blog for yourself with no installation charges whatsoever. What do i get from this? A small commission from Hostgator […]

Autodesk provides free Autocad licenses to beat recesssion

Autodesk has come up with a revolutionary method of helping out the people affected by the current recession. They will provide free student licenses to AutoCAD®, Autodesk® Inventor® Professional, Revit® Architecture, and AutoCAD® Civil 3D® softwares as a part of their Autodesk Assistance program. The length of this license has been conveyed to me as […]

Official end for Microsoft Encarta

I can’t tell you how sad i am to see Encarta being discontinued. Its the end of something so wonderful, just the thought of it makes me fly back in my memories of those days when i first got a copy of Encarta, and i used to go through it just because there was nothing […]

Increase your Wi-Fi signal strength

I came across this very simple way of increasing your Wi-Fi signal strength, compared to the complicated techniques that some people swear by, using Bowls, cellphones and what not. This method requires just an aluminium foil and you will be all done within a minute’s work. Cool, aint it?

Remote Desktop and Remote Access with Teamviewer

Its been quite some time since i wrote an article for the ‘What have you learnt today?’ section or reviewed a software that i love using. A couple of days back, a friend of mine needed some help fixing his computer. The only problem lied in the fact that he was far away, infact 2 […]