Windows XP making way for Windows 7 finally

Microsoft Corporation has been trying to close the Windows XP book for quite some time now. They first tried it when Windows Vista came out, but fortunately Vista bombed, and it did so bad that even their own employees stayed away from it. Linux distros took advantage of this opportunity, when XP was retired and no longer available for sale in the open market. Thus laptops and netbooks started coming out with Linux pre-installed and that made a huge dent in the market share of the Windows operating system. Now Microsoft is back at it again. And it seems this is finally the end of XP.

xpdeadendVista was a collection of crap which took so many years to build, that people got hung on to XP and got so used to it, they refused to shift or upgrade. In addition to this, Vista was so bad of an operating system that people outrightly refused to have anything to do with it. Techies and geeks like me took this opportunity to shift to Linux. The major driving force behind this decision were the shrewd tactics of Microsoft to stop giving out XP and having a major deal with laptop and desktop builders, to have Vista come pre-installed on it. When i purchased my laptop, Vista crawled to a start with a frickin 512MB of RAM. What the heck was Microsoft thinking, having a deal to preinstall Vista on such uncapable machines. Luckily i had the Ubuntu linux distro lying around and i thought of giving it a try. And happy i was, with this decision. I even made all my friends, and their friends, who got new laptops to remove Vista for good and give Ubuntu a try. At last count i must have influenced atleast a hundred laptop users to switch to Ubuntu, and boy were they happy! It seemed that the Vista plan backfired so bad, Microsoft had already started development of Windows 7 even before Vista was released officially. Its just the pride of Microsoft that stopped it from admitting its blunder.

microsoft_logoNonetheless, Microsoft gave XP a recall and started installing them on netbooks and certain budget laptops which seemed to please the customers to some extent. But now XP will be killed again on April 14th. The alternate is Windows 7 which is a very polished operating system, something that Vista couldn’t achieve even with its first service pack, what Windows 7 has achieved in its beta stages. I have been using Windows 7 on my laptop for several months now and it has never ceased to amaze me every one of those days. The memory load of Windows 7 is around 450-550 MB on both my laptop and powerhouse of a desktop, surprisingly ditto as Windows XP running. All the features and options available was long pending in the Windows Operating systems and i am happy to say Microsoft has finally come back into the game. But has it made a wrong choice on killing XP off again? We have to wait and watch….

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