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The 10 Worst Microsoft Product Names of All Time

Here’s a hilarious and very true article about how wrong Microsoft goes when it decides to name a product. The best ones i liked are about .NET, Word 6.0 and Windows ME. Link to article

Max Payne 3 coming soon

One of my favourite action games ever, Max Payne, is coming out with the next part of the hit series in Winter 2009. Rockstar Games, developer of the hit series “Grand Theft Auto” will be releasing Max Payne 3 for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and the PC platforms. Currently in development, Max Payne 3 […]

Can you pass the phishing test?

I just came across this website which allows you to take a test, and see how you stand against potential phishing attacks through emails. I myself passed with flying colors and got a perfect 10 score. How capable are you against phishing attacks? Check yourself and let me know Phishing Test

Windows XP making way for Windows 7 finally

Microsoft Corporation has been trying to close the Windows XP book for quite some time now. They first tried it when Windows Vista came out, but fortunately Vista bombed, and it did so bad that even their own employees stayed away from it. Linux distros took advantage of this opportunity, when XP was retired and […]

Opera wants Microsoft to go one step further in Windows 7

We have all heard and read about the endless litigations that are going on between Microsoft and the European Union. This investigation was in fact, founded by a complaint filed by Opera in the European Union citing unfair practices with regard to the compulsory bundling of Internet Explorer in the Windows O/s’. Recently, Microsoft had […]

Google Docs glitch shares your documents without any permission

In a very unlikely situation, Google had a major glitch in their Google Docs cloud based service. Google Docs provides online viewing and editing of Spreadsheets and Documents. Normally the user gives certain access permissions to each of their hosted files, but the blunder made it possible for just about everyone to access the files […]

Top 10 list of Photoshop Resources, Tutorials and Tips n Tricks

Today i will leave you with a few Adobe Photoshop Resources, Tutorials, Tips n tricks that i found useful in the past few days. Cheers!