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Experience with KDE 4.2 and Windows 7

KDE 4.2 will be released sometime today and i am eagerly awaiting the stable release. I have been using its Nightly build on my laptop for quite some time now and i have to appreciate the time and effort they have put in, for the transformation from a ‘Hated by all’ 4.0 to a ‘Loved […]

How to get a Valid Windows 7 Beta serial key

Now that Windows Beta 7 has been released and is available for download, here are the steps required in order to get yourself a Valid Windows 7 Beta serial key. Step 1 : Logon to (On the upper right corner of the page click ‘Sign In’ and use your hotmail or Microsoft Passport ID […]

Google GDrive launch in 2009

The much talked about and hyped Google Drive of GDrive as we know it, is said to be launched sometime in 2009. It’s about time Google threw its hat in the Online Storage ring and hopefully they do a good job at it. It has been years since the rumour of the official GDrive appearing […]

Ubuntu 9.04 boots lightning fast thanks to EXT4

The 3rd alpha version of Ubuntu 9.04 nicknamed Jaunty Jackalope was released a couple of days back. It will be given out entirely for testing purposes and it is advised that the release not be used in production machines. A test drive of the Release taken by a popular download hosting website clocked the boot […]

Unknown feature of Gmail

We all know how many tools and tips are available for Gmail. Here’s one that i just found out by mistake when sending a mail to one of my friends, and confirmed it after some googling. Apparently Gmail allows a lot of alterations to your Email id and you can still get mails no matter […]

Battle of Open Source with Closed Business, Mozilla Vs Google

We all know Mozilla is a lot dependent on Google for its revenue, mainly through its inbuilt search engine feature. Google recently extended their deal with Mozilla for search advertising till 2011. But with the release of Google Chrome last year, there has been complications in this relationship.

Apple starts offering DRM-free music on iTunes

Apple has decided to remove DRM from all the songs on iTunes. Optionally you can also choose to remove DRM from all the songs in your collection for a “low fee” of $0.30 per song. Cool, Aint it? Not really. The music available on iTunes from Major Labels such as Universal Music Group, Sony BMG, […]

Get free ESET Smart Security (ESS) 101 Days Serial Number

ESET Smart Security (ESS) is a popular all-in-one comprehensive protection package that includes antivirus, antispyware, antispam and personal firewall. ESET Smart Security built on the even popular ESET NOD32 AntiVirus and able to detect and eliminate modern day threats like viruses, keyloggers and spyware. If you’ve taken advantage of previous free license serial key of […]

Most awaited PC games of 2009

Happy New Year to all the readers of I would like to take this opportunity to make a resolution to write atleast 15-20 articles every month. This blog has been a long time dream and i just hope it doesnt fade away, because my patience and interest level is not that great. Now moving […]