WHYLT – Backup/Export passwords from Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird

In my previous article i had explained as to how you can backup all your important data from all Mozilla softwares. But the clinger of a problem is that MozBackup is a software which works only for the Windows Platform. Thus here is another add-on/extension which can backup your passwords in a jiffy no matter what platform firefox is installed on, i.e., Password Exporter. So lets see how the step-by-step process works on how to backup passwords in Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird.

Step One: Go to http://addons.mozilla.org and search for ‘password export’ and the first result you get is the extension we are looking for, and is shown below. Click on ‘Add on Firefox’ to install it.


Step Two: When we try to install this extension, Firefox will display a software installation dialog where you have to click ‘Install’.


Step Three: The extension gets downloaded onto your computer first and is then installed automatically into your firefox profile. After it is successful firefox has to be restarted for the extension to work properly, So click on ‘Restart Firefox’.


Step Four: Firefox will then restart and you will get this dialog window of all the extensions installed in your firefox profile. Click on ‘Password Exporter’ and then on ‘Preferences’ to start the extension.


Step Five: In the Import/Export Passwords dialog we can Export/Import the saved passwords from your firefox profile to an XML or CSV file. You have an added option of encrypting the exported file for better security. Another great feature is the Export/Import of Disabled Login Hosts which is the list of all the websites on which firefox does not save passwords, or in simple words the websites on which the firefox password manager is disabled.



Thus we get a single file of the exported passwords which is to be stored in a secure location for future use or use it right away in case you want to clean out your firefox profile and create a new profile. Again i stress on how important Donations are to keep the development of such extensions and softwares which are provided free of cost, not to forget the bandwidth costs and personal time they put in. So in case you want to do that you can go to the Author’s website here.

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