WHYLT – Replace internal laptop Hard-Disk(Compaq Presario F733AU)

Lets start with the first post of the WHYLT category. WHYLT meaning ‘What Have You Learnt Today’ is a special category where i try out new things which a normal or sane person wouldnt even think about. Today I decided to dismantle my laptop and replace my Laptop HDD. Since I had access to a camera today I decided to do a step-by-step tutorial with photos. The laptop used here is a Compaq Presario F733AU model.

Step One: Find your hard disk drive slot at the back of your Laptop. It will have a logo of 3 circles on top of the each other. Unscrew them and remove the cover plate.


Step Two: Catch hold of the plastic handle with 2 fingers with another finger pushing the opposite side as shown in the picture.


Step Three: Pull up the handle side of the hard disk and take it out, carefully making sure the hinges are not damaged.


Step Four: Remove all the screws of the steel casing holding the hard disk. There should be four screws, two on each side. Then replace the hard disk making sure the connectors are properly matched.


Step Five: Now that the replacement procedure has been successfully completed place the hard disk along with its steel casing in its rightful place, making sure the steel hinges are inserted first. Then place the connector pins in the slot and push it gently to make sure it has gone in properly.


Step Six: You are done! No more steps needed. Just cross your fingers and boot your system to check whether the replacement is totally successful or not.

Enjoy and let me know if you need further help with this.

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