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How to get free one-year subscriptions to most online magazines on Zinio

There is a website which gives you free one-year subscription to any ONE magazine from Zinio. My brother stumbled upon a glitch where you can get most, if not all, of the magazines using a simple trick. How do we do that? Here’s how…

WHYLT – Backup/Export passwords from Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird

In my previous article i had explained as to how you can backup all your important data from all Mozilla softwares. But the clinger of a problem is that MozBackup is a software which works only for the Windows Platform. Thus here is another add-on/extension which can backup your passwords in a jiffy no matter […]

WHYLT – Backup your important data in Mozilla Firefox

We have all been in a situation where firefox starts acting cranky and does not always do what you want it to. The reason might be excess installation and uninstallation of add-ons/extensions which are coded by individuals as common as you and me, and have certain bugs in them which are normally not known to […]

VIPeers – Combination of HTTP and Bit Torrent File Sharing service

I came across this new website called VIPeers which is a easy file sharing website on the web with Direct Download Linking and Torrent Hosting. This website allows us to upload any type of files like video, music, images, documents etc. upto 5GB and share them in a variety of ways such as Direct Download […]

10 things i learnt after using Ubuntu avidly

10. Windows is not the only sane alternative for an operating system. When I started using computers way back in 90’s I used to work with Windows 3.1 as the first GUI Operating system. When I had a computer of my own I had Windows 98 installed on it. So you cant really blame me […]

WHYLT – Replace internal laptop Hard-Disk(Compaq Presario F733AU)

Lets start with the first post of the WHYLT category. WHYLT meaning ‘What Have You Learnt Today’ is a special category where i try out new things which a normal or sane person wouldnt even think about. Today I decided to dismantle my laptop and replace my Laptop HDD. Since I had access to a […]

Yahoo Domains increases Domain Pricing

Check this email i got from Yahoo today….

Get ready for another year of Yahoo! Domains

Dear ******

Thanks for using Yahoo! Domains. We’re writing to remind you that it’s time for the annual autorenewal of your service.

Your Domains plan, associated with the domain *********.com, will renew on 01/23/2009. If your billing information is up-to-date, there’s no need to do a thing (except keep enjoying your service).

Important note: Beginning on July 1, 2008, Yahoo!’s annual domain renewal price increases to $34.95 per year.

You can verify your billing information by visiting and clicking the Update link next to your plan. Click the gray Edit button to the right of your payment method to review your payment details.

(Please note that the billing center will not reflect the new $34.95 domain-renewal price until July 1. Until that time, you will continue to see the old renewal price next to your plan.)

Have questions? Please visit our help center or contact us anytime.

Best regards,

The Yahoo! Small Business team

The grand opening

Bienvenue à tous, French for Welcome everyone. The day has finally come for my dream of starting a blog to become a reality. Why now? I just finished my academic classes, and I will be free for the next 6-8 months before I start working full-time. So why not now? Or should I say now […]